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Do not sacrifice everything in the name of petty freedoms. The Protheans tried to fight and they were utterly destroyed. Trillions dead. But what if they had bowed before the invaders?
Would the protheans still exist? 

"Can guess captured Protheans lost intelligence over several, cloned, generations. Cybernetic augmentation widespread afterward as Protheans failed, Reapers added Tech to compensate.  Mental capacity almost gone. Replaced by overworked sensory input transfers, transmitting data to masters.  No glands, replaced by tech! No digestive system, replaced by tech!  No soul!  Replaced by tech!

"Whatever they were, gone forever.

"Understand now?  No art, no culture, closer to husks than slaves, tools for Reapers.

"Protheans dead.  Collectors just… final insult." — Mordin Solus, Mass Effect 2

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coming down between missions and putting off the inevitable, i caught that cute little scene where mordin sings krogan queen to eve but my mind went straight to abba once it finished

“ I’m dependable now. I blame you for this, Shepard. ”

“ I’m dependable now. I blame you for this, Shepard. ”

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I just realized how much these characters grow throughout these games

Like Garrus for instance, he’s such a child in ME1


And then he grows into this awkward teenager phase where he’s just trying and failing to be an adult


And then in the end he’s suddenly just fully grown and all confident in his own skin and a totally different person from the moment you met him


Aaah Garrus. Cutest fictional-space-dinosaur-boyfriend <3


Did she have any regrets? Yeah, she had plenty of them. She never got to interview the Commander for one thing, she was supposed to next week. Maybe she’ll read this once she gets Earth back from Hell.

This is Emily Wong. Earth is Falling.

Author: eternalshiva [ Story masterpost on Ao3 ]
Beta: brandnewandancient
Art: downontheupside [ Art masterpost on tumblr ]

Warnings: Character Death
Characters: Emily Wong
Word Count: 22,274

Author’s Note: Hope you enjoy my third entry into the Mass Effect Big Bang, it’s been a pleasure to write this and to work with this amazing artist! Please leave a comment if you wish, I always like feed back. I decided to not break it into chapters, since this happens in one day, it’s only fitting it’s in one go.
It starts off a little slow, I know but I had to follow the Twitter Feed from the Pre-Launch. Please note that all centered italic texts is the actual twitter from BioWare that was posted on the Mass Effect Wiki here:http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Emily_Wong.

Artist’s Note: This fic gave me massive goosebumps, threw my heart rate off the roof, and forever cemented Emily Wong as The Galaxy’s Queen of Journalism. This is my first MEBB entry this year and I am very honored to have drawn Reapers, vehicles, and heavy weapons for the amazing eternalshiva on this story. Read it. All of it.

Created for the 2014 Mass Effect Big Bang.


I thought her crush on him was adorable.


I thought her crush on him was adorable.


Major Kaidan Alenko by Kal-Art


Major Kaidan Alenko by Kal-Art





GPG does Skyrim: 14 Mass Effect Mods for Skyrim


Well I just found out who stole my Sweetroll.


Jack Wall

Mass Effect OST - Vigil

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