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YOU’VE BEEN CHOSEN: Nightmare Teaser - YouTube

Anyone else get an email from BioWare this morning with this very strange creepy teaser? I have no clue what this is but I’m excited to find out!


Hiiiiiiiiii ;o;

KOTOR-SWTOR Feelings ♥


Eh, why the hell not?




its not a phase mom its who i really am

Meanwhile in Orlais…



its not a phase mom its who i really am

Meanwhile in Orlais…

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Pod Crabs are a mostly benign species of non-sentient creatures native to the planet Virmire. These massive crustacean-like creatures walk on four sturdy legs, each ending in hard points. They feed on large mollusk-like creatures found in Virmire’s waters.

Pod crabs are not very resilient, and can be killed in one shot or simply by driving the Mako over them; they leave no remains and explode to pulp. The crabs seem to be unaware of danger, and do not appear to notice if one of their kindred is shot down.

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Successor to the Normandy SR-1, and built by Cerberus, the SR-2 was recovered and upgraded by the Systems Alliance. In spite of its relatively small size, The Normandy is capable of enormous offence feats, equipped with Javelin Torpedoes, GARDIAN lasers, and the Thanix Cannon, a Reaper-based weapon.Even though defensively great, thanks to multi-core kinetic barriers ans silaris ablative armour, its strongest defence is based on its state-of-the-art stealth systems. Coupled with the tantalus drive core, and its Enhanced Defence Intelligence (EDI), The Normandy is the fastest, deadliest, and most advanced vessel in the Citadel Fleet. 


Death of a Rancor (x)

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simple text meme // mass effect

They say before you start a war

You better know what you’re fighting for


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