Fuck Yeah BioWare

Sep 2


More Dragon Age: Origins characters for feylen2/?

The Love Interests of Dragon Age: Origins

Sep 2

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Mass Effect Numbers Meme / Three Quotes [2/3] → 
"We finally get out here and the final frontier was already settled."
Sep 2

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Sep 2

Firebase Ghost ☣ Hazard Version ☣

Sep 2


No dialog option has ever been this perfect.

Sep 1


Shepard + Samara by Dolmheon (close up)

"This picture takes place in an ancient asari amphitheater, which the Justicar Order uses for its ceremonies.

In this picture, Samara and Shepard are good friends. She’s invited him to this hallowed place, to be in the company of other Justicars, to give him her support, and to inspire strength and courage in him.”

Sep 1


For a Mass Effect obsessed freak
I hope you're enjoying destroying saving the galaxy

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Sep 1

dragon age protagonists and their titles

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Neverwinter Nights 2 - Companions